Ramadan 2019 – Half Term Week


This trip is now fully booked. We are looking for alternative and additional accommodation. Please text 07397829981 to register interest and for further information. Shukran

Ramadhan 2019 – Hotel Group 3 – Half Term Holiday

Summary of the Trip

Please keep to the dates as below when booking your flights

Hotel Group 1: Last week of Ramadhan (Half-Term holidays) – 25th May – 2nd June
8 nights in hotel approx £408 + flight

Groups will stay at the famous Golden Walls Hotel: Front line, 4 STAR.
approx £51 per night (included in above) – buffet Sehri included

Transport, Transfer & guided tours: Approx £60

Group will be accompanied by imams and scholars including sessions with the imams of masjid al-aqsa.

How to Book:

STEP 1)    Book own flights to Tel-Aviv (Ben Gurion Airport).

STEP 2)    After your flight is booked, ring +44 (0) 7472 965 158 and also send a message with your name and trip to request to be added into the WhatsApp Group for this trip. If this doesn't work email [email protected] to be added to the group. All communication will be through the WhatsApp group.

STEP 3)    Complete the Hotel Booking Form below. You will not receive confirmation once submitted. If you want confirmation, send a WhatsApp message (do not ring) to +44 (0) 7472 965 158 after completing the form and request confirmation. We will confirm all hotel bookings on the WhatsApp group a few weeks before travel. No alterations or cancellations can be made to your hotel booking within 3 weeks of the group travel date.

STEP 4)    Stay in the WhatsApp Group for updates on this trip. We will arrange a meeting and seminar in Bolton for all travellers to attend, a few weeks before leaving to discuss plans and details.

STEP 5)    Money for transfers, Excursions (£70-£90) should be paid at the seminar if you attend otherwise at Al-Aqsa.

STEP 6)    The hotel cost will be collected from you at the hotel in Al-Aqsa. Payment will be in pounds.

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Additional information

Each night in the hotel£60 per person except single rooms (additional £50 for single) to be paid after arrival
Iftaar costsApprox. £6 per day to be paid in Al Aqsa
Tour around Masjid Al AqsaFree
Tour around the old cityFree
1 day excursion to the historical sites in the west bankApprox. £20-£25 to be paid after arrival
Hotel transfersApprox. £15 each way to be paid after arrival
SehriEach person will need to source their own Sehri during Iitikaaf. It is included already in the hotel during your hotel stay (pre/post Eitikaf)


Tour around Masjid Al AqsaOld City Tour
Masjid QibliMasjide Umar RA
Dome of the RockChurch of the Holy Sepulchre
Masjid BuraqVisiting two Sahabah in the graveyard
Masjid Marawaani and Aqsa Qadeem (Old Aqsa Masjid)Al Buraq Wall/ Wailing Wall
Office of Imam Ghazali and Mahbassul Jinn/Musallah Babur Rahmah

External Ziyaarat (In Coach)


  • Mount of Temptations
  • Dead Sea
  • Maqam of Musa AS


  • The Church of Nativity
  • Dividing Wall


  • Maqam of Yunus AS


  • Masjide Ibrahim AS


  • Mount of Olives and Jabal Mukabbir
  • Maqam of Salman Al Farsi
  • Grave of Shamooil AS


  • Amwaas
  • Bab Lud
  • Maqam of Nabi Saleh AS
  • Jaffa – Mediterranean Sea