Feedback & Reviews

This trip was excellent. Molana Rashid was very imformative on all ziyaarat and the group was like one big family who took care of each other and helped one another. I would definitely recommend and would definitely be returning again i.a. this trip had many opportunities to learn and discover the pre islamic and islamic historic sights. We had opportunities to visit graves of sahabah, azwajin nabi , prophets and learn lots about islam and the history and lots of time to do personal ibadah in the haram too. It would be a trip definately recommended for all Muslims. It was beautiful to see how people would welcome us with open arms. Molana Rashid organised many talks with sheikh/scholars and took time to translate from arabic to English and did many presentations to help us understand prior to visiting the holy sights. He also provided transport for ziyaarat and transport was provided to and from the airport. May Allah SwT reward molana Rashid and all those who made this trip possible and reward molana Rashid for his All his efforts and grant him the highest rank in Jannah. Amin
This was my first visit to Aqsa, and God willing it won’t be my last. Masjid Al Aqsa is even closer to our hearts (mine and my family’s) than ever before. This blessed land and in particular the holy sanctuary should be top of everyone’s bucket list. The land where prophets roamed and preached the message of strict monotheism to worship The almighty Allah (swt). And above all where our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) made the ascent to the heavens. My personal perspective of this land has been completely elevated to another level, this was due in no small part to the amazing level of detail and invaluable knowledge imparted to us by imam Rashid and his priceless links to local shuyukh there. If anybody has made the intention of visiting Al Aqsa I would without any reservations highly recommend linking up with My family and I are already planning our next visit in the not too distant future, God Willing. May Allah accept all our efforts and reward our sheikh and those volunteers without whom this visit wouldn’t be the same, Ameen.
Mohammed Ali
Alhamdulillah Allah granted me the opportunity to take my family for Ziyarah of Masjid al Aqsa and other sacred places in the blessed land.
Starting from the pre travel meeting, the group was very well informed of the journey that we were about to take.
Mawlana Rashid sahib and volunteers were extremely helpful and accommodating especially towards me and my family. He ensured me and my children were at comfort at all times.
Mawlana sahib’s knowledge of the Holy Land is very broad and his style of delivery was very good, when out for Ziyarah and when delivering presentations at the hotel at night.
We were also fortunate to have met the Imams of the masjid, who Mawlana had contact with.
I don’t think this review will do justice to how amazing the experience was but I would highly, highly recommend goAqsa and Mawlana Rashid. Insha’Allah this will be the start of many travels for me with this group. May Allah reward you all immensely.
GoAqsa has a well structured program made up of a combination of ziyaarat, ibaadat and evening reflections of the week’s activities.
My family and I learnt a lot from visiting holy sites and speaking to locals who constantly experience the struggle. We have much more to learn and much more of the blessed land to see, so will Insha Allah return with GoAqsa in the future.
Alhumdulillah this was my 3rd visit to the blessed land of Bayt ul Muqaddass. Each time I have visited I have joined GoAqsa group. The group is run by very sincere professionals whose sole purpose and mission is to take as many people to this blessed land and to educate so that we may create the true love for Al Aqsa as a whole.

From booking all the way to visiting, ziyaraats and ibadaat we were kept well informed and more importantly involved.
Highly recommend GoAqsa, join them to feel part of the family. Shukran to All @ GoAqsa

Zubeir Ayyub
one of the most spiritually enlighting holiday i have been on, the ziyarat`s and the presentations where the most beneficial as i was provided with the alot of in depth information of all the places that we visited… Molana Rashid and his volunteers have been very helpful with explaining the history of each and every place as well as answering any questions that we would be unsure off… In sha Allah i would definitely be returning back to Aqsa